Kane pays tribute to Van Dijk after being the strongest in the league

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The Kop in Thailand will have given up on Spurs’ Harry Kane for being a Bluetooth striker. After the England captain eloquently hailed Virgil van Dijk as the best defender in the English Premier League. And also dunked Mohamed Salah in the heart of the small football team.

Kane ‘s image in the eyes of Liverpool fans, either in Thailand or in England, is considered bad. Because in the past, the interview was ironic. or behavior on the field many times contrary to the eye  

But in asking – answering through ‘ Amazon Prime Sport ‘ , the latest 28 -year- old footballer respects the pace of ‘ VVD ‘ as the most difficult to cope with in the league. While Salah is so hot that it is difficult to refuse to join the football ufabet team. The best 5 of the league  

“ Who is the best defender in the English Premier League ? That’s a good question – probably Gong Van Dijk. ” England captain Suhok.

“ It’s an amazing defender. Consistent performance with Liverpool for many years and also winning the Champions League and winning the league one at a time is difficult , so he is probably the tightest defensive line in my opinion for the past year. ” 

Another ‘ Reds ‘ personnel that Kane mentioned is Salah, who will choose to join the team if he is the head coach of a small table, 5 people each.

“ Just the Premier League. And then I’m a manager . The team will give Hugo ( Lloris ) as a goal, ” Harry continued.  

“ Sonny ( Son Heung – Min ) plays in the front , Mo Salah plays in the front , the midfielder is Kante and has to take the defense down too … Well , choose Reece James , he defends tough , works well for years. past Plus a sharp extraction plug “

“ The game plan is moving forward. ” 

This season, Kane has faced Liverpool once in a 2-2 draw, where he scores one goal and survives a 50-50 red card .