Martial escaped Manchester United to Sevilla

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Anthony Martial is set to pack away from Manchester United. For Sevilla in the January 2022 market. But has been troll by overpayments. Unless the 26-year-old footballer agrees to drop from ever coming down.

A report from ‘ El Estadio Deportivo Boca ‘ to progress the player Frenchmans announced the need to escape Old Tampa, FL Ford because they are outside the plan’s Acting Asst . Teams. Ralph Rangnick with a mark on Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan  

However , Martial may have to be widow. The team of trainer Judy Lane Lopez tequila is not wise to pay the remaining players until the end of season 2024-24 appraised the cost of 45 million euros ( around 39 million pounds ). 

Or in the case of renting – borrowing for the second half of the 2021-22 season, it looks overpowered because alone, 5 million euros in rent is full, which will be a weekly wage of 296,000 euros – per – week ( about 2.5 hundred thousand pounds – per – week ). Therefore, any theory can be difficult to come up with.  

Unless courtesy of Manchester United, both selling cheaply , helping pay 50% and the player agreeing to cut his wages by half in the event of a sellout to Andalusia.  

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